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this bearded dragon enjoys dressing as a real dragon.

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Cheongshim Water Culture Center by UnSangDong Architects

Windowless, as solid concrete helps stabilize in­terior temperatures, which is important for maintaining the machinery that runs around the clock in the underground plant.

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Zheng Chunhui, a famous Chinese wood carver spent 4 years engineering this master piece from a single tree. Based on a famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Quingming Festival” the carving echoes the daily life of the 12th century Chinese local. The level of detail is stunning!


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The Hoia-Baciu forest, also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania has become famous since 1968 when biologist Alexandru Sift captured a photo of a disc-shaped UFO flying above it. However, the locals have known all about the forest for much longer. They considered it an evil, cursed place and it was viewed as a taboo subject. The forest is viewed as one of the most haunted spot in the world and over the years, many ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and parapsychologists have been attracted to it. One of those people is Dr. Adrian Patrut, a chemistry professor at the local university and parapsychologist.

Some researchers have claimed that this forest is a portal to another dimension or spirit world. Locals warn that if you enter the forest, you may never return. Destination Truth, a SyFy channel show decided to go to Hoia-Baciu Forest and investigate. What they found is a place with an abundance of paranormal activities.

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